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Israel Secondary Fund

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The phenomenal growth in Israel’s technology market over the last decade, and the trend toward building larger private companies, created an increased need for an active secondary market in the Israeli tech ecosystem.
Since its launch in 2008, ISF has completed over 80 transactions in private tech companies and venture funds. ISF works tirelessly to provide founders, management, LP’s, and investors with tailor-made plans of incentives & liquidity. Our expertise lies in devising creative secondary models which align the interests of all stakeholders. This is our Triple Win Approach.


ISF provides secondary liquidity to Israel’s entire technology ecosystem. We purchase shares in start-ups from investors, founders and employees, acquire investor’s LP interests in VC funds and develop creative liquidity solutions for funds. ISF is leading the Israeli secondary market and serves as an essential building block to the long-term growth of the entire Israeli tech industry.

The ISF team has decades of hands-on experience in technology secondary transactions, venture capital and private equity firms.

As the venture market continues to grow and mature, so does its direct secondary markets
In the face of a downturn we must avoid the instinct to solely play defense, nor should we simply try harder- playing yesterday’s game

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