Dror Glass

Dror co-founded ISF in 2008, with over 25 years of investment experience and 20 years of secondary expertise. Previously, he was Managing Director at Nexus Global Partners, a global management consulting firm, assisting leading Israeli tech companies in their global strategy. Between the years ’02 and ’07, Dror was the Executive Director of the Wharton – Recanati Program at the Tel Aviv University. Prior to that, he was Managing Director at Orama Investments, member of the IDB group and served on boards of public and private companies.

Dror is a registered C.P.A.(Isr) and holds a BA in Accounting and Finance and an MBA from the University of Southern California (Dean’s List). 

He enjoys meeting investors globally and discussing the Israeli phenomena, working closely with management teams on their strategy and growth, and sharing his experience with students.

Off work, Dror spends hours gardening, has a love for airplanes and the aviation industry and tried every extreme sport imaginable.