Nir Linchevski

Over the past 20 years Nir has been involved in the Israeli and global VC & PE industry. From 2007-2012 Nir was a Founder and Partner at Shiraz Investments- a privately held PE company. Nir led Shiraz’s investment in Altshuler Shaham, an Israeli asset management firm, where he served as chairman through the firm’s transformation into one of Israel’s largest asset managers with over 50 billion NIS in assets. Previously, Nir was Managing Director at Vantage Point Capital Partners, a US based VC. Prior to that Nir served as Partner at Formula Ventures, an Israeli VC firm. 

Nir Holds a BA in Economics and Amirim Honors Program and an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

He enjoys working with founders possessing an unwavering vision, alongside surprising flexibility, and believes he brings the most value by challenging them.

Nir is an avid mountain biker, modern-jazz fan and a voracious sci-fi and history reader.